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Among Our GRE Student Testimonials

Why  F.A.C.T For US Admissions?

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We are NOT university
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GRE coaching at F.A.C.T is very high quality. They are also very organized towards ensuring that you do
study well. In addition to classroom revisions, FACT's portal www.planetinteractive.us gives you full
access to a range of tests of any topic. You can locate topics that you are weak and then strengthen
before taking sectionwise and full CATs. Sunil Sir's only sessions obviously have a many "likes". I joined
them for consulting initially but am happy I took the decision to join for coaching as well. GRE success@
330 followed! Thanks F.A.C.T - Chetan S.
Scholarships Of Rs. 10 Crore Offered To Indian Students For U.S Education

Mumbai, India - October 5, 2011
- Indian student aspirants for
various U.S education programs
(Bachelors, Masters, Ph.D.)
have been granted financial aid
to the tune of Rs. 10 Crore. The
success has been aided by
FACT U.S Education
consultancy for financial quarter
Q3 2011.
“An admit to University of
Missouri’s School of Journalism, 
ranked #1 worldwide for my field 
and with a US$ 20,000
Fellowship could have been
made possible only by the team
at FACT U.S education
consulting.  Their genuine
passion for building careers has
turned my life around!” remarked
a jubilant Ms. Sharda Sankhe.
Yet another candidate Harihar
Krishnan commented on his
success: “These guys are
experts in helping you locate the
right balance of ranking and
funding. I am thus on my way to
University of Florida’s MS in
Mechanical Engineering course
with 50% scholarship and
assistantship. Cheers!”
Foreign Academic Consultancy & Training (F.A.C.T)
US Education Specialists Since 1996
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Very methodical, concept-building and knowledgable faculty. The best part is their great availability.  It's a
true "gurukul" where you can study across the day with full access to facilities, teachers, high-tech testing
- and if you are an evening person you can connect through online sessions that are held across the year - 
Ayesha R.
Genuine teachers with high integrity who led me to 325 in 2 months itself. The saved my career when I
joined them  - my earlier classes were all with beautiful offices but teachers would not be there most of
time. F.A.C.T gives it all at a reasonable charge. -  Harish K.
A pleasant, fun-filled GRE Preparation Mall. That is what F.A.C.T is for sure. Classroom lectures esp.
math are very conceptual and fun-filled. They don't go too fast too. Good that they forced me to take so
many tests. That's how I made it to Virginia Tech with 50% funding -  Monil V.
You will surely get your fundas  in verbal and math. On the first day itself, I was taught to unlearn the Indian 
rote method so as to succeed in such an "ability-testing" exam. My summer batch for 3 months where I
spent just 4 hours max. a day F.A.C.T got me 334 and I enjoyed every part of the prep. with them - 
Vinayak S.

Among Our SAT Student Testimonials

SAT prep. was made surely easy at F.A.C.T.  The faculty are very experienced and definitely will drive you
well. I remember that I was able to talk to Beena Ma'am even at 10-30 PM more than 4 times. I was going
to jump into the test date but they stopped me since my verbal was weak. For 6 months, I was guided
towards  building my comprehension, vocab and grammar AND this changed my life since I WAS NOT AN
ENGLISH MEDIUM STUDENT but still could score 310. I never even thought it would happen. With Love
and regards - Manisha G.
The perfect SAT prep. class where you everything is convenient. After lectures, you can take both offiline
and online tests with faculty around always. Internet classes are also cool esp. if you have college in the
evening and could not make it to the late evening batch. Sunil Sir's online classes start at 8-30 PM! 
However, if you are too disorganized, they will ensure your on track ;) - Vignesh A.
Expert SAT teachers with all the coaching, tests, additional sessions you will ever want. I recommeend
only F.A.C.T to my friends. Visit them for sure - Raghavendra K.
Surnames of Students have not been mentioned for privacy reasons. Testimonials mentioned as quoted
Surnames of Students have not been mentioned for privacy reasons. Testimonials mentioned as quoted
I was referred to F.A.C.T by a friend, who basically signed me up for their SAT prep class, claiming, 'They
are the best. You won’t regret' Before signing up, I had decided not to even take the SAT because my test
scores from an earlier coaching class were way too low. My score improved dramatically with their
coaching, which gave me the motivation to learn more and succeed@315. Cheers, F.A.C.T - Nidhi R.
Your classes have helped our daughter improve her SAT scores tremendously. We have found that your
classes are well worth the money and a super investment in our daughter's test-taking skills. -   Mrs. A.
Joshi, parent.

Among Our GMAT Student Testimonials

Surnames/names of Students have not been mentioned for privacy reasons. Testimonials mentioned as quoted

F.A.C.T with its concept-driven, quality GMAT training, is perfect for working professionals like me who
can make it only during evening or weekends. My quant. was very weak and the faculty were very patient
towards building it from ground-up. It took me 8 months and with their patient support, guidance and topic
wise tests  -   I made it to 640 in the first attempt. They stood by me in the second attempt and I cross the
700 mark and made it to 710! Thanks F.A.C.T for leading me to a wonderful MBA program at Purdue with
funding. - M. Debnath
Less talk, more learning, maximum concepts and tests and the best results out of you. I recommend
F.A.C.T to all my friends and relatives with the global M.B.A mission - R. Subramanian
At the very onset, I liked the approach at F.A.C.T. Not just plain old "classes" but a sophisticated online
testing system that tracks your progress. And really interactive and convenient online courses that ensure
that you just dont miss the class. The best decision of my life to join them - Saurabh M.
Math. was always my strength and I used to score nearby 50 in Quant but verbal was one weakness I
wanted to drop like a bad habit. I used to make a lot of mistakes in verbal and was struggling to get my
score above 650-670 level. F.A.C.T & Beena Ma'am helped me in bringing more consistency in verbal
scores by providing extremely useful concepts for GMAT English which helped me getting 710 in the
GMAT. Thanks & Best Regards to F.A.C.T - Harshada C.
I gave my GMAT in Feb. and got 720 (Q49, V39). This was my 2nd attempt. In my first attempt I scored
610 (Q49, V25). The score in Quant was same as it was the last time but in Verbal I scored much better.
I decided to attend only the Verbal classes at F.A.C.T as I wanted to improve my Verbal score. I had this
thing in mind that it is very very tough to improve your verbal score beyond 20-25% but in my case it is a
jump of almost 60%. But after attending the 1st SC class I knew I could definitely score more. My Verbal
score improved from V25 to V39 in 7-8 weeks and most of the credit for this improvement goes to Beena
Ma'am (My Verbal Faculty). She was always there to help me even after the scheduled classes and I
know it is only because of what she taught and the way she taught that I have got such a good score.
Thanks to all other Faculty members at F.A.C.T too for their support.   - Veerendra J.
Founded in 1996, Foreign
Academic Consultancy and
Training (FACT) is India’s
leading, specialized U.S
education consultancy. FACT
does not represent any
university and provides student-
focused consulting i.e. the best-
fit admission and coaching
strategy on a personalized,
case-per-case basis. Students
are coached on their respective
entrance exams - SAT, GRE,
GMAT and TOEFL - via
classroom and online mode.
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