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Some of Our Student Testimonials

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I will remember the entire process beginning from selecting univs to finalizing one to
Visa prep. in the end to fun parties wit Avinash sir ("part of our counseling sessions
okk") all my life and this is only because THE FACT Team made the otherwise
tough n tedious process look so simple, taking things one by one going by every
individuals pace, catering to every student it different way.

The most imp. thing is, "Everything u can think in your wildest dreams [about gng for
MS off course ;) ], THEY HAVE AN ANSWER TO IT, They just have it,  (cud nt put
this in simpler words n specially please don’t ever doubt Avinash sir’s judgement :P,
rt sir ? )"

Thank you every one at FACT, Special thanks to Avinash Sir n Katre Madam :)

When I first heard of a FACT seminar, I was pursuing electrical engineering in the first
year of college. My mother and I attended the seminar delivered by Sunil Shah sir. His
talk totally transformed our outlook toward the concept of ‘studying abroad’. My parents
and I thought that it would be great if I could pursue education in the USA right from the
Bachelors’ level.

And so began my odyssey toward education in the USA. I enrolled in FACT and started
preparing for the SAT and TOEFL entrance tests. My mentors- Amar Singh sir and
Raghavan sir kept constant track of my preparation, clarified my doubts, evaluated my
answers and instilled in me the confidence to face these tests smartly. I scored very
well in these examinations, in sync with the expectations of my mentors. This was
followed by the process of application to universities. Avinash sir helped me choose the
universities after weighing their pros and cons in terms of quality, my scores,
scholarships and so on.

Furthermore, FACT assisted me greatly with visa process. Raghavan sir guided me
step-by-step through the visa application process, whereas Katre madam readied me
for the actual visa interview.

Moreover, the atmosphere at FACT is very friendly and comfortable. I was properly
advised through every step and my doubts resolved. I am now headed to the university
of Texas for a BS in aerospace engineering and I am largely thankful to FACT for
helping me secure a great step towards my career. I am sure FACT will continue
developing the careers of students in the future too.                                                                   
- Thank you

I enrolled at the Thane branch with all kinds of skeptic thoughts in my mind about ‘Will I
be able to pursue MS someday?’ Now looking back at the whole process, right from
working on those words for GRE to reaching US, I faced lot of obstacles. But I had my
counselor cum mentor cum guru cum friend, Avinash Sir, and the whole FACT team
as a matter of fact with me. I remember going to the Thane office many times with a
major situation and hundreds of things going on in my mind to meet Avinash Sir and
would leave the office discussing about a new movie or song or a cricket match, of-
course after solving the “major problem” in minutes. None of my problems were ever
new to him. He used to say, “This whole process is like a test of whether you can
handle difficult situations in MS, so everyone should go through it.”

Now, Kiran Madam could easily be the sweetest person on this planet. Initially, I was
pretty apprehensive about GRE, then the documents, the packets, the visa…basically
I had less information. But, Kiran Madam patiently cleared all my doubts and explained
the process in detail.

The best thing I liked about training in FACT was that I could come to classes on my
time. All the study material was made available plus a math genius, Raghavan Sir,
who used to solve the most difficult problems with the most simplest of methods.
Beena Madam used to conduct verbal tests regularly. I remember sitting for hours with
3 other friends in the classroom. No one used to disturb us. All in all, the study
atmosphere was very well developed. The online website maintenance team was also

Finally, the credit goes to Sunil Shah Sir who created this FACT Family and I am glad
to be treated as a part of it.
P.S.:- Avinash Sir, U Rock…
I am a physiotherapy student who had enrolled in FACT last year. My experience with
the faculty is worth sharing and hence I am penning down this testimonial. The
faculty at FACT is very helpful and co operative. The application to US universities
can be a very tedious process but it was made simple and easier for me by the
faculty at FACT.Right from the short listing of the universities to visa procedure they
have never hesitated in extending their help to the students at any hour of the day.
Avinash sir has been very helpful and patient  guiding me through the entire
procedure.Be it choosing a university, or sending an application file or arranging the
visa documents or the visa mock interviews, he has guided me  for every small little
doubt I had. Its because of him that I have found a friend(ex FACT student) in my
campus whos been immense helpful in helping me settle in a new city and a new
country. Raghvan Sir & Katre Mam have also been sweet & kind to help me out. The
visa session which was arranged at Dadar was very conducive in preparing for the
documents well before time. The over all experience at FACT was amazing and I
take with me lot of things that I learnt from the faculty members  which will help even
in future as I step in a new phase of my life . I would like to thank the entire staff of the
FACT to make my journey from the application  process to the visa interview so
simple & truly cherishable.        

F.A.C.T....hmm would never have been a part of it if it had not been
for me reading the educational times that Tuesday!
At that time I had given MHT and ASSO. CETS and the one thing I kept telling my mom
was," Atleast I could do my internship abroad" because my professors and known
doctors gave all knowledge & tempted me about medical studies abroad but said
nothing about "HOW". What I wanted to know was what kind of entrance exams, which
country, which university and a class that could guide me through the entire process.

Surprisingly true that ad on ET by F.A.C.T about seminar claimed that F.A.C.T has all
answers. So I immediately decided to check it out with my mom( It was a free seminar
so nothing to loose!)
I still vividly remember that seminar! Against all odds a person
showing you the US pathway that too with scholarship....would you
believe? Not me. But when someone delivers each & every word with such confidence
and with evidence you tend to believe! And the person I am talking is none other than
Sunil Sir! Then after all discussions and following Sunil Sir's advise got enrolled in
F.A.C.T for BS in pre-medicine & got started with Shraddha Di( my trainer). My mom
puts it right! “Day or night.. Even for the slightest doubt without any second thought…I
would pick up my cell & call her” Anyone would get annoyed…but she answered each
query with that same smile! that’s Shrtaddha Di! I even remember the frantic calls I
have made to Sunil Sir & short notice appointments. But he was always there to sooth
my nerves & also scold me! Avinash sir helped my confused mind decide the right
university and Katre Madam and Ragvan Sir guided me well through the VISA process
preventing me from falling for any possible glitch!

The end result I have 6 admits in hand, 4 with scholarship! Now I am
headed to Mississippi State University for BS in Pre-medicine & all
this with no financial burden on my family! All thanks to the entire
team of F.A.C.T!!!

I had joined FACT for MS and visa counselling for FALL 2010. Right on day 1, when
for the first time I saw Mr Avinash Veer, I thought that would he properly direct me in
applying to US univs???? Then from day 1, he started with his work for making my
dreams come true. Mr.Avinash Veer is a very versatile person with friendly nature.
His way of talking is just like a college guy. But i must say that he has tremendous
experience about his work. He made me apply in 11 univs. Out of 11, I got 5 admits.
One with 20% waiver and other with instate tuition + GA. Services provided in FACT
are more than sufficient. keeping in mind the academic background of student, very
well SOPS and recommendation letters are wirtten by faculties. Katre Mam is one of
the premier faculty in FACT. Sunil Sir, Katre Mam and Avinash Sir are the pillars of
FACT. I was rejected for VISA for first time. Reason behind this was that I took it
lightly and dint attend mock interviews. Then Katre Mam and Avinash Sir cherished
me and made me capable of achieving VISA and I did it. Thanks to FACT and all
faculties for enabling me to achieve my dream.

FACT rocks!!!!!


FACT " Fantastic Adminisrtation & (very)Cooparative Team "
thats wat i can say about u..
you have changed my life.. 1 year before i never thought of MS or giving GRE n all,
I started very late, n within six months u made it possible.. started in december,
within 6 mtnhs I appeared  GRE, i got admits, now visa is in ma hand,n m flying in
aug for fall '10... this all bcoz of u Avinash sir , Kiran mam, Khatre mam n Raghvan
sir...I love u all!! thank you very much u have changed my life's canvas completely!!!!
In every step, u boosted my confidence, helped me a lot.. 1st kiran mam gave me
support n confidence dat i can give GRE with 1 mnth's preparation, Raghavan Sir
guided me in quant, Beena mam guided me in words of GRE & in TOEFL preparn,
Raghavan Sir is best in online form filling, n  wat say abt avinash sir, he is great,
SOP, LORs, university selection he knows everything, most of d times even we dont
wan 2 ask whole quesn, he promptly rplies wid perfect solution... Last but not d least
pre departure orientation, it was very informative n impressive , at that time i heard
Sunil Sir first time, he gave us d basic fundas of living dere which r never xpected!!
fabulous team!! njoyed a lot!!!

" Friendship Affection Courtsey n Time perfect" FACT Rocks!!!

1ce again Thank you vey much!!!!!!! Love u ALL!!


Searching for a right university which matches your requirement can be an
overwhelming and often daunting task. However Avinash sir made it very easy for
me. What I found most pleasing was his professional approach toward his work. He
helped me in every step, right from selecting the right universities, assembling the
documents to the visa interview preparation. I would recommend others to join FACT
and take the experience help of Avinash sir.


Facts of FACT:
1) Best consultancy and classes without any doubt.
2) Way too ahead of others in the race.
3) I bet you wont find better consultants than Avinash sir and Sunil Shah sir. These
two are the pillars of FACT along-with Katre mam and Kiran mam (They all are
always there for you, be it anytime and don't forget,  this bond is for a lifetime!)
4) The teaching faculty i.e. Raghavan sir (Quant) and Beena mam (Verbal) will help
you wonders with your preparations! (Especially GRE and TOEFL)

About me :
1) Average GRE and TOEFL score but got admit to an appealing institute!
2) I would like to make a special mention of Avinash sir who helped me select very
good universities which resulted in a handsome number of replies. (Wish I had his
3) The bottom-line is, these people have made my LIFE!
4) I would indeed, very strongly recommend FACT for US aspirants..
5) Thank you FACT!

My experiences with FACT had been really fruitful. They were phenomenal in
preparing me for entrance exams (GRE and TOEFL),pre-admission and post-
admission process. Every thing was so systematic and my admission in one of the
best MIS University is surely an evidence of that. I am completely satisfied the time
and effort which FACT team (especially Katre Mam and Avinash Sir) took during my
application process. I would like to thank entire team of FACT for their effective and
result oriented guidance.


Dear   F A C T,

Your   Spirited   Guidance   Has   Given   Me   Great   Support   To...

F       fly   and   focus

A       aim   and   accept

C       challenges   and   meet    my

T       Target

Thanks   F A C T   Team   For   Strengthening    My   Wings   and   Help  me   Fly  
Higher   To   Chase   My Dreams.

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Scholarships Of Rs. 10 Crore Offered To Indian Students For U.S Education

Mumbai, India - October 5, 2011
- Indian student aspirants for
various U.S education programs
(Bachelors, Masters, Ph.D.)
have been granted financial aid
to the tune of Rs. 10 Crore. The
success has been aided by
FACT U.S Education
consultancy for financial quarter
Q3 2011.
“An admit to University of
Missouri’s School of Journalism, 
ranked #1 worldwide for my field 
and with a US$ 20,000
Fellowship could have been
made possible only by the team
at FACT U.S education
consulting.  Their genuine
passion for building careers has
turned my life around!” remarked
a jubilant Ms. Sharda Sankhe.
Yet another candidate Harihar
Krishnan commented on his
success: “These guys are
experts in helping you locate the
right balance of ranking and
funding. I am thus on my way to
University of Florida’s MS in
Mechanical Engineering course
with 50% scholarship and
assistantship. Cheers!”                
Founded in 1996, Foreign
Academic Consultancy and
Training (FACT) is India’s
leading, specialized U.S
education consultancy. FACT
does not represent any
university and provides student-
focused consulting i.e. the best-
fit admission and coaching
strategy on a personalized,
case-per-case basis. Students
are coached on their respective
entrance exams - SAT, GRE,
GMAT and TOEFL - via
classroom and online mode. 
Based on the student profile,
academics, test score
performance, career plans,
academic budget and other
prioritized factors, U.S education
specialists from various streams
guide students towards
University selection
U.S education scholarship
Developing Admission
Documents: U.S Standard
Resume, Essay,
Recommendation letters
F1-Visa filing and interview
“I have made it to Cornell
University’s MS in Architecture
program with US$ 25,000 in
financial aid. Choosing the
expert team at FACT as my
gurus has been THE best
decision of my life! Thanks,
FACT” added Vinit Nikumbh,
who achieved success beyond
his “farthest imagination.”
Most applicants from India are
concerned about the high cost of
education in USA and seek
information on opportunities for
financial assistance. The 80-
strong core team at FACT with a
track record of more than 20,000
successful cases solves the
dual challenge of “reputed
university with some form of
financial assistance”. A
significant portion of our students
apply mainly to State universities
in the USA where education is
subsidized; at the same time
such government-funded
universities with significant
vintage value are great centers of
learning and development since
the 1940s or even earlier.
About Us: FACT (Foreign
Academic Consultancy and
Training, www.useducation.in) is
a leading U.S Education
Consultancy with onsite and
online consulting offices in
Mumbai, Pune and Nashik in
India. With more than 100 man-
years of experience in this field,
we guide more than 1000
students every year towards the
U.S education dreams - right
from graduate to doctorate
programs.  More than 80% of our
students receive financial aid with
our personalized approach.
FACT does not represent any
foreign university.
Foreign Academic Consultancy & Training (F.A.C.T)
US Education Specialists Since 1996
|Terms & Conditions||Privacy Policy||Sitemap|
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5 Tips For Studying In USA
1. An average educational
record (so far) does not mean
that your U.S Dreams are
over. Unlike the Indian
Education system which is very
marks-driven, The U.S education
system takes a broader view of
the candidate. Thus you may
have an average academic
record; however your success in
a national or state level sports
championship will be viewed in
very positive light. If it is atleast
1-2 years before your will begin
your application, it is strongly
suggested that you become a
member of the nearby Rotaract
or Toastmasters Club. Your
participation with such globally
renowned organizations also
adds to your profile. Same goes
for any training that you might
have received from the National
Cadet Corps (NCC). Among all
the students studying in USA, the
ones that are able to manage
many responsibilities/tasks at a
given time are the ones who
succeed that most. 
Score is equally if not more
important than your
educational records. Yet
another solution to academic
records that are not too great -
cover up for those in your
GRE/GMAT/SAT exam! While it
is impossible to change the past,
our present can eliminate the
challenge in a big way. And
here’s why: U.S Universities
often rely more on your
GRE/GMAT/SAT scores since
these exams are administered
by American organizations.
Since the American education
system differs from the system
in India, it is the natural tendency
of American admissions officers
to rely on test scores rather than
previous academic records
alone!  This brings a note of
caution to those students who
have done well during studies
and with dreams of studying in
USA- Please continue with the
same track record in your
3. Your Application
Documents will be read! Yes!
Do not downplay the importance
of your Admission Essays,
Statement of Purpose (SOP)
and recommendation letters.
Ensure that these are well-
written and present a clear
picture of your career plans.
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