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Every graduate is keen to pursue an MBA these days
For less than 2,000 seats in IIMs, more than 3 Lacs appear for CAT
There is an extensive rush for state CETs, CAT, XAT, MAT, SNAP and a range of entrance exams
This clearly indicates lack of strategy and tendency of “Let me try”
Such efforts can NEVER result in SUCCESS

Why MBA in USA?

USA is the birthplace of MBA programs and capitalism; the largest economic engine of the world
US MBA programs enable you to study in a truly international environment with students from  
across the globe at US universities
Often easier to make it to a leading MBA program in USA compared with the premier institutes in
India (and at comparable total cost of study)
Global brand value of a US MBA degree; unparalleled teaching quality and learning experience
Application and case study-driven curriculum prepares you to take challenges hands-on; less of  
rote study
Increasing focus on soft skills, interpersonal skills (team building, leadership and the like)
For MBA-Marketing aspirants: Working and studying in the USA exposes you to the most
sophisticated marketing methods and systems
For MBA-Finance Aspirants: The U.S IS the global activity center for innovative financial products
and services (need we say more?)
For MBA-MIS/IT Aspirants: U.S is the most IT-enabled and systems-driven economy and the
birthplace of all major technology corporations (Work on product and not just “software
For MBA-Operations/Supply Chain Aspirants: Learn cutting-edge production processes at this
dynamic learning ground with major producers across all industries still headquartered in the US
For MBA-HR Aspirants: Benefit from the extensive research and practices that have enabled U.S
corporations to succeed as a services or “people-driven” economy
Dual or more MBA specializations: The flexible, customized curriculum of US universities makes
it possible to select electives even from outside the business school. For Example, an MBA-
marketing aspirant may opt for an elective in ad copy writing if that is of interest or he/she may even
select an elective from engineering/technology if it fits the career objectives.

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